IBS (Institute of Business Studies)

Thank you for your interest in RISSIK BUSINESS SCHOOL. RISSIK BUSINESS SCHOOL is an accredited tuition provider for the Institute of Business Studies qualifications. IBS offers entry level qualifications in Business Administration, Law and Accounting.

Institute of Business Studies (IBS) is an associate institute of and feeds into Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa (CSSA). The IBS is a professional qualification which equips the student with the knowledge of business administration, a background in governance and accounting. These are all vital skills an organisation needs so qualified employees can add value to the organisation. It is an excellent foundation for business. The IBS is not a matric qualification.

For more on how to register with the IBS , log onto the CSSA website at or contact 011 551 4000

The two qualifications offered comprise

Students need to register with and pay IBS (CSSA) for examinations separately from Rissik Business School.

National Certificate: Business Administration

National Certificate: Management And Administration

The course can be started in February or July with 3 modules in one semester and 2 modules in the next semester. Examinations for the February intake are written in May and examinations for the July intake are written in October. A tuition semester consists of 10 weeks

Students attend 3 hours of tuition per module per week during the day.


The tuition fee per module per semester is R2800-00. This excludes any prescribed material/textbooks and any fees payable to the IBS

IBS Fees


Please note that the availability of lectures is subject to the number of students enrolled for a specific subject. Students will be notified in due course if a subject is not being offered by RBS. If a student has paid their fees and a subject is cancelled due to insufficient numbers enrolled, RBS will refund the student the fees.